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Receive one-on-one training with a Certified Sleep Coach for custom support!


Choose a plan that best suits your family’s needs:


Starting at $395


Starting at $495


Starting at $505

Sleep packages include, but not limited to:

  • Private consultations to coach parents on sleep training readiness via phone, Zoom, Google Meet, or In-Person.
  • Customized sleep plan tailored to your child’s sleep needs, temperament, and family dynamic.
  • Establishing bedroom essentials to build a healthy sleep environment.
  • Sleep tools filled with guides and resources during and post-sleep training.
  • Follow up support offered up to three weeks at NO additional charge.

Multi Aged Siblings Consults available

Featured Sleep Services

Infant Sleep Solutions
12wks-23mos $199

Need help getting your baby to sleep NOW? The Infant Sleep Solutions is your READY-TO-GO plan that offers round-the-clock plan using healthy sleep measures. Get started right away!

Newborn Sleep Solutions
(0-11wks) – $129

Build the foundations of healthy sleep habits right from the beginning! Our guide includes a 24-hour plan to tackle sleep issues most common in newborns. Perfect for expecting parents!

Extended Sleep Plan
for past clients

Now you can stay in touch with your Certified Sleep Coach, post-sleep training, to discuss issues such as: *Setbacks, regressions *Maintaining healthy sleep habits *Preventive measures, and more!

Travel Guide

Need some tips for your upcoming trip? The travel guide will cover the do’s and dont’s of travel ands and overnight stays. Get the guide that will help you ease your next vacation with your kids, and help prevent common setbacks.

Contact Us

Get in touch with our dedicated sleep expert Karoline Babaian, and start your journey to peaceful and restful nights. Sleep begins in your nest.