Sleep begins in your nest.


The Sleep Nest is PROUD to announce it has┬ápartnered with the makers of the one & only Zipadee-Zip, product which featured on ABC’s The Shark Tank!!!

Zipadee-Zip Fact Sheet (Shark Tank.. no coupon)

The Zipadee-Zip is the perfect sleep sack to help transition from the swaddle or Rock N Play. It was created as the perfect swaddle transition tool for babies who still crave that woomb-like environment, but need the freedom to roll safely. It’s different from other swaddles and sleep sacks on the market because the unique star shape that gives a baby that comfort of full enclosure, while still allowing them enough movement with their arms to safely push up, roll over, and wiggle around. There’s also a slight resistance built into the wing-span of the Zippy that helps a baby self-soothe like they would in the swaddle and sleep better than they would in a traditional sleep sack or PJs.

Use promo code THESLEEPNESTZIP to save $5 off your entire order!! (Promo expires August 31, 2016).

If you are a parent of a baby or a toddler who is not sleeping through the night, you are not alone!!

Did you know that 85% of infants with sleep issues become children with sleep issues by 5 years of age! Your baby can learn to sleep through the night as young as 3 months! The Sleep Nest will coach you on how to teach your child to fall asleep independently, and sleep through the night for an uninterrupted 12 hours!

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