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“I was very skeptical at first, because we didn’t have any sleeping issues with our daughter, so I figured my 7 month old son was a lost cause on sleeping. Boy was I wrong! he slept 9 hours straight on night one from following the tips!! He now sleeps 12 hours straight every night (in his crib by himself) and does great during his 2 naps each day. This is the same baby who wouldn’t sleep alone, had to have a bottle to sleep and be swaddled, and would only do 2-3 hours at a time before waking. Calling The Sleep Nest and following Karoline’s tips was by far the best parenting decision my husband and I have made with baby number 2!!”  ~Renee

“We just finished sleep training with Karoline and I am beyond amazed! My 15 month old was bedspring and waking hourly. Now he is sleeping through the night in his crib and putting himself back to sleep! Karoline’s techniques are effective yet gentle. I will be using her from the start with baby number 2! Thank you so much Karoline! You have changed our lives for the better!”  ~Kristen

“My 7 month old was sleeping pretty inconsistently, sometimes waking up just once a night and other times waking up every 2-3 hrs. The lack of sleep was wearing down my husband and me. It was hard to believe that there were babies who could sleep through the night; we just assumed we had gotten the short end of the stick and that my baby just wasn’t a good sleeper. I was so wrong! After meeting with Karoline, my husband and I were curious to see if we could actually get our baby to sleep through the night. We decided to give it a try; after all, things just couldn’t get any worse. 

When my baby slept from 7PM to 7AM for the first time I just couldn’t believe it! I felt like I could have a life with my husband again! We can have dinner together and have movie nights! And not to mention how awake and happy my baby is now! His wake times are incredible! He’s in such a good mood and ready to learn! And when it’s time to go down for a nap or for the night, he doesn’t need any rocking or help from us! Bottom line, amazing. Happy baby, happy mom!”  ~Emilia

“My 6 month old wouldn’t sleep through the night until I met Karoline. She listened to what our problem was and came up with a plan specifically for us and my son began sleeping through the night on night 3. Im one very happy mom.”  ~Nanor

“Finally we have Jaxon on a schedule- he’s more predictable, taking solid naps, sleeping consistently and time alone for Mommy and Daddy. We are all getting sleep and now daddy can put Jaxon down too… Yay!”  ~Conitra M.

“Thanks to Karoline’s help, our baby has truly done a 180 in terms of her sleeping habits. She is comfortable sleeping alone in her crib and sleeps for long stretches at nights. The plan that was provided to us was realistic and Karoline’s support throughout the whole sleep training process was immensely helpful. We really needed to be educated on the Do’s and Don’t of sleep training and she made us feel at ease by finding the best approach that made us feel comfortable. Thank you, Karoline!”  ~Reanna

“The Sleep Nest really helped me to put my 14-month-old daughter on a great schedule. She also helped me with her sleep issues. Now my daughter sleeps independently on her own through the night for 11-12 straight. For the past 14 months she never did any of these. She wouldn’t sleep without the help of a swing and later a stroller and pacifier. Now we don’t use any of these. I highly recommend her service for those who are having trouble with sleep.
Dear moms, please don’t think that the sleep issue will go away, and don’t think it’s because of teething. It really isn’t!!! My daughter really had a hard time during her teething and she still is, but her sleep problem is fixed!!!
Get help from Karoline.”  ~AA

“It’s been amazing having my son sleeping on his own. Thanks for all the assistance!”  ~Leana

“Karoline helped sleep train our twins and it’s been a few weeks since training and they now sleep on their own and thru the night!! If your child is having sleep issues definitely contact The Sleep Nest!! We now can sleep peacefully knowing they don’t have to wake at nights and be rocked back to sleep.”  ~Arpa

“Karoline was the best!!! She guided me with sleep training my twins. She gave me a detailed schedule and an abundance of support. I never thought I’d have my boys sleep at night, never mind at the same time. Thanks Karoline for allowing me to have some sanity in my hectic life!!!!”  ~Taleen