Extended Sleep Program

Introducing…Extended Sleep. Exclusive to The Sleep Nest family!

Now you can stay in DIRECT contact with The Sleep Nest, even when you finish sleep training your kiddo!

Extended Sleep offers:

-UNLIMITED communication with Karoline Babaian, Founder and Certified Sleep Coach.

-Continue instilling healthy sleep habits as your child grows out of naps.

– Avoid possible setbacks when child gets sick or taking family vacations.

After you complete sleep training, you will have an exclusive opportunity to extend sleep help. Here are a few solutions:

$9.99 / 12 months or 1 time payment of $99.

$12.99 / 6 months or 1 time payment of $75.

$15.99 / 3 months or 1 time payment of $45.

For details, email: thesleepnest@gmail.com


*Price & service subject to change.