Hi there! I’m Karoline Babaian, your Pediatric Sleep Coach. It is my sincere pleasure and mission to help you get your child to learn how to sleep and through the night!

I have been hand-selected and trained by world-renowned Sleep Sense Founder Dana Obleman. I am also a mom of two beautiful little girls, the first whose bad sleep habits became a blessing in disguise. If it were not for her need to learn to sleep, I would not be here helping other parents like you!

Having our first child was enough of an experience to learn how so many approaches, my husband and I were taking to getting our daughter to sleep, were just not right for her. From day one we were holding and rocking her to sleep. We would feed her until she would pass out in our arms! We had no sense of a schedule. Even though she began to “sleep through the night” from 2 months, this came to an abrupt halt at 6 months. Making every excuse as to why her nights were becoming shorter, and why she was having multiple wakes at night, we could not bring ourselves to realization that she had never actually learned the skill of falling asleep on her own!

Fast-forward to 10 months, and that moment when we hit “rock bottom.” It was the night she slept for only 4 hours, and up crying and fighting sleep for the next 4 hours! This was when we realized she was telling us something…. that she wants to sleep but does not know HOW. After sleep training her, not only did it work, but she has also embraced the beauty of sleep consistently day in and day out.

I am here to help all tired Moms and Dads out there who want to teach their children how to sleep on their own, and to sleep through the night. It IS possible with your commitment.
And yes, there IS a light at the end of that tunnel!

It all starts with you.

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